Best Malco Modes Customers & Influencers you need to follow right now! (Part 1)

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Best Malco Modes Customers & Influencers you need to follow right now! (Part 1)

Instagram is a virtual runway oozing with fashion inspiration from celebrities, influencers, and bloggers. Instead of spending hours on end trying to find a look for yourself, just open your Instagram app, tap on the Explore tab, and voila, you have outfits for days!

If you’re into curating your vintage fashion look and you’re looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at what we have in store and follow our Vintage Fashion Influencers & Customers. To make it easy for you to achieve your vintage aesthetic we have mentioned every petticoat details!

Lay back, get some snacks & drinks for yourselves, apply a nice face pack (because self-care should be a priority, haha) & get ready to know the ‘Best Malco Modes Models & Customers you need to follow right now!’

Please Note: We love every Model & Customer at Malco Modes, hence this is just the first Blog out of all the forthcoming blogs that are yet to come. Stay Tuned… (You might just get featured in the Next Blog).

Now, let’s get started!

1. Monica (@simplyre.troann)

Starting with our most loyal customer, Monica. She is the definition of adorableness. She has tried almost every color petticoat of Malco Modes & has never failed to amaze her audience, team Malco Modes and Instagram Users. With her positive attitude and grace, she carries our petticoat well. She actively participates in various challenges like the #pokeboundchallenge, #thevintagefashionchallenge, #halloweenwithlrmjm. 

Check the images below to know which Malco Modes Petticoats Monica is wearing.

Jennifer Petticoat (Style 582) in Orange.

2. Antonella (@pastelantoinelle)

When you visit Antonella’s Instagram Page, you would know how professional her pictures look. The best part is she takes most of her Instagram photos herself without the need of any photographer. Every picture of her radiates a different story. She is curvy & she owns it. She is a self-taught photographer and dilettante pinup model documenting her ever-growing vintage-inspired closet. She loves Malco Modes Petticoats & has styled them right from a wedding outfit to a sexy lingerie piece.

Scroll down to see how she styled Malco Modes Petticoats & to see which petticoat is it that she is wearing in her breathtaking pictures.

Jennifer Petticoat (Style 582) in White

3. Laurie Romano Rudnick (@laurie_cupcake_)

Laurie is another one of our most loyal customers. With her mix of teals and blues hair, she makes everything she wears look cute.  She always has a point of view that’s visually different from anyone else. She is simple & elegant. She owns a lot of different styles of petticoats from Malco Modes. Her closet is a haven for lace, frills, and ruffles, yet you will never see a repetition of the outfit. Laurie has almost every color petticoat from Malco Modes.

We’ve selected a few of our favorites from her pictures to show you just how to wear petticoats with style.

4. Diana Pie (@heydianapie)

Diana is the most versatile model we’ve ever worked with. Her dedication, eye for detail, and passion for perfection lead to photos and videos more beautiful than any that came before.  She brings unmatched dedication and creativity to every shoot.  Her taste in music sets the tone for her videos, and her desire to impress leads to moments so breathtaking you’ll want to watch them over and over again.

Madeline Petticoat (Style 565) in Purple

5. Nina Bear (@baninabear)

6. Miss Aphrodite Darling (@misaphroditedarling

Miss Aphrodite Darling is a Freelance Pin-Up Model.  She also happens to be a certified licensed esthetician. Her blog channel is where she talks about everything from fashion, skincare, reviews, and lots more. Stylish and professional are just a few words that describe her.

We have selected Top 2 Malco Modes Looks of her & have mentioned the petticoat details too. Go Enjoy!

Samantha Petticoat (Style 835) in White.

With this, we hope you follow all our talented customers & influencers. They have all styled themselves so well in every Malco Mode petticoat. We are sure they will bring more colors, varied content and outfit inspirations to your feed. Also, this is just Part 1 of all the coming blogs, stay tuned for more!

Who is your favourite Customer or Influencer amongst them all? Tell us in the comments below.

Happy Shopping!

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