Everyday Heroes in Petticoats

It’s time we honor those everyday heroes, who have shown up or
that still show up in petticoats with smiles on their faces
to serve and care for others.

Operation Petticoat

This 1959 comedy classic, Operation Petticoat! Full of laughs and even a little bit of love. A handful of nurses have to board a submarine, causing some big changes on board! Including turning the entire submarine PINK!

The beautiful Melinda Naud is pictured!

Today’s nurses and other healthcare workers may no longer sport a petticoat and dress to work every day, however, they are still the powerhouse that has been keeping our nation running the last few months. There will never be words to explain how grateful we are for the hardworking and caring healthcare workers who not only deserve all of the praise for tackling this national pandemic, but also for every single day before the pandemic, and after.

Vixens for Victory

The Vixens for Victory girls are our most favorite girls. If you don’t know about them or their mission, you need to check them out ASAP! Not only do they serve others, but they do it in total petticoat fashion!

Keep up with them here.

The Vixens attending Wreaths Across America to honor our soldiers so that they may never be forgotten. As each wreath was laid, the name of the soldier was called out and thanked for their service. The Vixens always go above and beyond to show thanks to those who have served and continue to serve. See what else they are currently up to by clicking here.

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