Ways to wear MalcoModes Petticoat

Ways to wear MalcoModes Petticoat

Ways to wear MalcoModes Petticoat

We are amazed by the fact that many people are still unsure as to what a petticoat is. They are also called underskirts, Crinoline, or tulle, which are lightweight, fluffy skirts that are used to create specific shapes by layering them under dresses or skirts. This layer of petticoats is not just designed to create puff or flare; it can also be worn for different purposes. For example, they can add uniqueness to a look by making the skirts fuller, longer, and lifting dresses and tops.

The history of petticoats dates back as far as the 18th century when women wore them under their ball gowns. Nowadays, it’s a must-have piece of vintage clothing that adds splendor and drama to everything you wear.

We constantly search for unique and exciting ways to wear petticoats—and we want to share them with you. Here’s how women across the world style their petticoats:

1. Pinup groups / Vintage looks

Pinup fashion is the idealized feminine style and all things vintage. It’s the way women looked when sexiness was more than just showing skin, it’s about confidence, timelessness, sophistication. This style celebrates women for their curves to their flawless faces. So don’t worry if you think you aren’t skinny enough to pull off the perfect pinup girl look. The Pinup culture embraces your natural hips and curves.

You will find so many varieties of petticoats to bring your look together. Take a look at our pictures below to see how you can complete your pinup or vintage look by adding a Malcomodes petticoat along with your outfit.

2. Rockabilly look

Rockabilly is a fun style that blends classic pinup fashion with rock and roll components. Whether you love a cute polka dot or a sassy fringe number, you’ll discover a fantastic selection of the 1950s inspired looks for every occasion – day or evening.

Update your retro ’50s look with our petticoats. So much more than layers of lace, our range includes versions with modern details for a fresh new vintage look.

3. Square Dancing

If you’ve ever gotten your toes tapping to the sound of a lively fiddle or felt the warmth of an old-fashioned barn dance, you’re already familiar with square dancing. Petticoats are a vital component of square dancing. When pairing your petticoat with a new print, be strategic about your color choices. A wild, bright color will show the audience how much fun you are having while sending a strong message of your confidence.

4. Wedding/bridesmaid dress

Are you wondering what you should wear under your bridal dress? There are endless possibilities for shoes and many other options when it comes to accessorizing your special day. But, one of the most important accessories is the petticoat. It can help give your bridal dress more volume. A well-designed and hemmed petticoat can enhance the beauty of your wedding dress by making it look like there is more material on your dress than is actually there.

5. Disney look

Disney is so magical that it has a place in most kids’ hearts, and some of us have literally grown up watching Disney cartoons and characters! Your princess dreams can come true with our petticoats. Whether for an upcoming costume or to brighten up your daily ensembles, let us help you dress your best!

6. Halloween costume

Have too much to do for Halloween? Don’t worry. There’s still time to pull a good costume together. We’ve got a bit of inspiration for you.

7. Holiday looks

What’s better than an outfit for Halloween? An outfit for every holiday! From festive petticoats to fun Christmas-themed ones – you are sure to find the perfect petticoats to cover all your holiday ensembles. Here are some ideas that you can go with.

8. Modern / Skirt look

In the Victorian era, petticoats were worn purely as an undergarment. But, today, there are plenty of ways to style it in a different and more modern way. 

Here, have a look at some images of our petticoat twisted into a skirt. It’s versatile, and you can wear it either as a skirt!

What’s your favorite style of wearing a petticoat? We want to hear your thoughts!

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