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7 Witchy Ideas to Put on this Halloween and Bewitch the Party

There are many different ideas for what to wear on Halloween, from scary costumes to more subtle outfits. If you prefer to be a witch this is the perfect opportunity to show off your love of witchcraft! Read on for some great witch costume ideas you can use as inspiration. You may not be able to see yourself ever dressing in one of those pointy hats and black cloaks, but maybe it’s time to bewitch some hearts - give it a go! 

Black hat and cloak with a pointy black hat

As witches are often associated with black, this is a perfect choice for an outfit. Black cloaks are easy to find and look great. Pair this with a black witch’s hat and you have a classic outfit that is easy to put together. You might want to get a broom and a black cat to take the outfit to the next level! Just don’t forget to put a spell on your cat, as they could be a little uncooperative.

Black dress and cloak with a pointy black hat

Another great option is to wear a black dress with a black cloak. If you want to go all out you can add a pointy black hat as well. This is another classic witch outfit that will let you feel like a witchy queen. You can even use the pointy hat to store your witch’s spell ingredients. Just make sure that you don’t accidentally scratch yourself on the spiky edges!

Fishnets and a pettipants

A bit on the naughty edge, is pettipants and fishnets, so why not wear a pair of ruffled pettipants with fishnets? Dye it with purple to add a dash of color for the occasion. Purple is the color of witches and this is a perfect way to show that you’re one. To really nail the look, make sure that your nails are painted purple as well. Take the look a notch up and wear a witch’s hat. Oh! And did we miss, you have to carry a broom? Guess, not.

A dark-colored corset with a cape and dark skirt

This is an interesting option that isn’t very traditional. You can wear a dark-colored corset with a cape and a dark skirt. The corset can help to show off your curves and make you look

like you hold the power. It is important to keep your outfit witchy with a few accessories. This could include a witch’s hat and a pair of boots.

Bat wings, a dark skirt, and a witch’s hat for your head

Another exciting option is to wear a pair of bat wings and a witch’s hat for your head. This is a unique outfit that will surely stand out from the crowd. The wings are available as clothing items and can be found in many different styles. You can either wear a dark skirt or dark petticoats with the outfit.

White wig, white petticoat, and white wings

Go completely opposite and wear all white to turn heads. Put on a white wig, a white petticoat, and white wings. This is outrightly witchy, and a bit scary too, but is sure to make an impression. You can choose a witch’s hat for your head as well. You can either use a white one or dye an existing hat.

Diving gear or swimming cap with an aqua-themed outfit.

In case you want to go truly insane, go with an aqua-themed outfit. This could include aqua-colored clothes and diving gear. Completely unique, the outfit totally stands out. You may want to dye your clothes aqua colored and choose accessories to make them fit the theme.


So there you have it, 7 great ideas for a witch costume. You may have never considered wearing them before, but you will find them a lot of fun. There are lots of different ways to dress as a witch and you can be as subtle or as bold as you want. Whether you want to wear a purple outfit with fishnets or go with a classic black one, there is a look for everyone.

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