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Adult Narrow Tutu for Halloween Costumes & Christmas Elf-Apple Green

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Product Description

Embrace your fun side with this fluttery multi-layered tutu. Comes in a rainbow of colors! The garment is made of soft, fluffy tulle fabric and the waistband stretches generously. One of our simpler tutus, consists of two tiers that gather at the elastic waist. It works with most clothing for young wearers who love looking like they enjoy a bit of luxury. Easy to take on and off, it makes dress rehearsal a snap. This BellaSous multi-layered tutu skirt (style 420) is perfect for this year's top Halloween costumes, be they Disney Princess characters like Rapunzel, Minnie Mouse, Wonder Woman, or animals like a glittery kitty cat. While we think our tutu is fancy enough on its own, it's easy to customize for more sparkle. Add sequins for extra glitter, or a touch of lace. Wear it with a leotard and over tights for a fun, urban fairy look, a la Carrie Bradshaw. Child Size: 19 to 38 Standard Size: 26 to 50 Plus Size: 30 to 58 This is a short powder puff/balanchine tutu, so will need to be worn with a bodysuit, leotard, or slip shorts at the very least. Wash in warm water using your favorite delicates/gentle detergent. No bleach. Allow to drip dry. Machine drying is not recommended. Use a hand steamer to increase volume and add lift to your toddler's favorite outfit. IMPORTANT: Please know that we go to great lengths to ensure the product images are color-accurate, but colors display differently on all monitors. Please call or email if you have any questions or concerns before submitting your purchase. Don't be fooled by cheap single-use imports- we offer better quality at the same affordable price. And best of all, our products are 100% made in the USA! Since the 1920's, all BellaSous garments have been made with the quality and durability required by the most discerning customers. All apparel products are hand-sewn at our facility in Eastern Tennessee, supporting workers who live in America.


  • Elastic closure
  • Made from quality materials in the USA, this classic tutu is perfect for the prima ballerina inside all of us! Short but fluffy, you can tiptoe across the dance floor in style and comfort. Or wear it as part of a walk for the charity team. It's a versatile accessory sure to delight all ages and can be worn just for fun, or to put the final touches on a Christmas elf costume. This is a true tutu, and not a petticoat or crinoline, so not suited as an underskirt or with a hoop skirt.
  • This tutu is designed to flare out from the waist on most wearers. Lots of lovely, stiff layers stand up easily on their own, and add the finishing touches to their favorite costume. A tutu can make a homemade cosplay magical girl costume look professional, or be a flirty bachelorette party accessory. Three fits most sizes, with a generous stretching waist: Child Size, Standard Size, and Plus Size. Compare measurements to the sizing chart to order the best fit for your or your child's frame.
  • This tutu has plenty of room for movement, so is great for your growing baby or anyone with a few extra curves! Not adjustable, but high-quality stretchy elastic provides ample stretch without digging in. Can hug the hips. Not designed to be used with a belt. Stiffness lets it stand up on its own, so it doesn't get in the way when girls and boys are dancing ballet or running away from bridesmaids at a wedding. Comes in many colored options, each more beautiful than the last.
  • The layered tutu is ideal for adding fashion fun, and fits over top leggings, or with booty shorts ruffled bloomers, or a bodysuit as part of a costume. Pairs well with clothes made from chiffon for sparkly, shiny party dresses. The light weight means it can be worn for hours for a race or vacation. Looking for a lingerie-type garment to go under a knee-length poodle skirt or formal tea-length gown Check out our storefront for options to fit toddlers to teens, and even plus-size women and men!
  • All BellaSous undergarments should be hand-washed and hung to dry. They can be machine-washed on a delicate cycle with Woolite or Forever New, or whichever gentle detergent you prefer. As with hand washing, do not put through a dryer on any cycle. Easy to re-shape when crushed. Keep your pretty little apprentice witch or junior angel up to standards through multiple wears. BellaSous tutus and petticoats are of the highest quality, unlike other brands' throwaway costume pieces.

Product FAQs

Q: What sizes are available for this tutu?

Ans: Child Size: 19 to 38, Standard Size: 26 to 50, Plus Size: 30 to 58

Q: How should I wash this tutu?

Ans: Wash in warm water using your favorite delicates/gentle detergent. No bleach. Allow to drip dry. Machine drying is not recommended.

Q: Can I customize this tutu with sequins or lace?

Ans: Yes, you can easily customize this tutu with sequins for extra glitter or a touch of lace for added elegance.

Q: Is this tutu suitable for Halloween costumes?

Ans: Yes, this tutu is perfect for Halloween costumes, whether your child wants to dress up as a Disney Princess character or a glittery kitty cat.

Q: How can I add volume to this tutu?

Ans: Use a hand steamer to increase volume and add lift to your toddler's favorite outfit.

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Customer Reviews

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Leila Dunn
Best tutu

This Tutu is a great addition to Halloween costume or Christmas Elf outfit! The material is high quality and the tutu is well-constructed. Highly recommended!

Marcia Green

The color and fit were both great, and the fabric was nice and soft, and comfortable.


It is very comfortable and looks amazing.

Florence Thompson
love it!

It is made from soft and durable material, and the fit is great. The color is beautiful apple green.

Five Stars

Love it! Added to my onesie costume perfect

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