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Meghan Luxury Crinoline Slip with Adjustable Waist & Length for Rockabilly-Raspberry

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Meghan Luxury Crinoline Slip with Adjustable Waist & Length for Rockabilly-IvoryMeghan Luxury Crinoline Slip with Adjustable Waist & Length for Rockabilly-Sam's TurquoiseMeghan Luxury Crinoline Slip with Adjustable Waist & Length for Rockabilly-White
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Product Description

Malco Modes Luxury Vintage Knee-Length 50s Look Rockabilly Crinoline/Petticoat (Style 578 Meghan). Don't be fooled by cheap imported costume knock-offs - Malco Modes has been producing high-quality petticoats and crinolines since the 1920's, the same style and manufacturer as the originals! A soft and comfortable petticoat that adds just the right amount of fullness. Perfect length for vintage, modern vintage-replica, or rockabilly-style dresses. Also great for swing dancing or as an underskirt for a 1950s poodle or rockabilly skirt. This style contains double-skirted LUXURY polyester netting in five tiers. Each tier is finished with organza binding to add more body to your childs outfit. Constructed with a unique, adjustable waistband - no sewing is required! The three buttonhole design lets you loosen or tighten the waist itself. The elastic can be run through three different tiers, lowering or raising the hem by an inch per tier. It is a full circle slip, so the wearer can comfortably move about without being restricted. This undergarment is designed to be One Size Fits Most. Waist stretches from 22 to 26, with an adjustable length of 19 through 21. For growing children and teenagers, NOTE: Measurements are approximate, as garments are hand-sewn. As such, please allow 1 inch in length variance. Remember to consider hip measurements when selecting a size. Care Instructions: Hand wash warm or machine wash on a gentle cycle with like colors. Do not bleach. Hang to dry. A hand steamer can be used to increase puff. NOTE: colors display differently on all monitors, so the color of the garment you receive may not be exactly what you expect. Please contact us with any questions or concerns before submitting your purchase


  • Elastic closure
  • Hand sewn from quality materials in the USA, the Meghan crinoline petticoat is just what your child needs to give their favorite skirt or dress the maximum lift and swing they want. Choose from multiple colors, perfect for matching or contrasting, whatever their personal fashion needs. Wear it under a junior bridesmaid or flower girl dress for a wedding, or for a junior prom gown. Works great for Halloween costumes, Christmas party or Easter Sunday dresses, or to feel like a princess everyday.
  • This petticoat is designed to be knee length for most wearers. Actual length is adjustable. Make sure to compare your kid's measurements to our sizing chart so you can order the best fit for your frame. Can be worn by anyone who matches the measurements: adult, child or teen, man or woman, boy or girl. For growing kids who need a larger garment, we have adult sizes in the same great colors. Always adds a touch of grace to any outfit.
  • The Meghan is made with a double layer of stiff polyester net. All five tiers are bound with organza tape. If the stiffness is too itchy, pair with a softer underskirt or slip. Girls and boys can wear under a swinging skirt and with button down shirt for a simple, classic style. Or, wear it over jeans or leggings for funky Hippie. A flower decal or satin ribbon band makes it stand out. Due to the transparent fabric, this garment should not be worn as an overskirt without something under it.
  • This petticoat has plenty of room for movement, so it's perfect for anyone no matter how big or small! We use a high quality elastic for the waist that provides ample stretch, but won't dig into kids' skin no matter how long it worn. Our waistband features a unique adjustable design--move the button up or down three spaces for a total of three inches of flexibility. The ability to raise or lower the hem by running the elastic through one of three tiers makes this a great option to grow into!
  • All Malco Modes undergarments should be hand-washed and hung to dry. They can be machine-washed on a delicate cycle with Woolite or Forever New, or whichever gentle detergent you prefer. As with hand washing, do not put through a dryer on any cycle. Looking for something a little more fluffy or bouncy Maybe something longer than knee length to fill out your princess dress Check out our storefront for our complete catalog!

Product FAQs

Q: What is the length of the Malco Modes Luxury Vintage Rockabilly Crinoline/Petticoat?

Ans: The length of the petticoat is adjustable, ranging from 19 to 21 inches.

Q: Is the waistband of the petticoat adjustable?

Ans: Yes, the waistband has a unique three buttonhole design that allows for adjustment without the need for sewing.

Q: What is the material of the petticoat?

Ans: The petticoat is made of double-skirted LUXURY polyester netting in five tiers, finished with organza binding.

Q: What sizes does the petticoat fit?

Ans: The petticoat is designed to be One Size Fits Most, with a waist that stretches from 22 to 26 inches.

Q: Can the petticoat be worn for swing dancing?

Ans: Yes, the petticoat is perfect for swing dancing and adds just the right amount of fullness to vintage or rockabilly-style dresses.

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