Be Risque-y and Blend Retro Style this Halloween –

Be Risque-y and Blend Retro Style this Halloween

There’s a sorceress in every girl. So once a year, we let our wicked side out to play. From sexy witches and vengeful vixens to spooky specters and sinister skeletons, Halloween is the one time of year when dressing up is not only accepted but expected—and celebrated. With its dark overtones, eerie aesthetic, and eerie stories from times past, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to slip into another persona for an evening. And what better way to do that than by dressing up in costume? While this seasonal event has been around for centuries, it was the 1980s that brought it back with a vengeance (pun intended). As such, there are plenty of retro-inspired ideas from which you can get inspiration for your next ghoulish getup.

80s Basics

If you want to get into the retro Halloween spirit, you’ll need to do some heavy research. Some Halloween costumes are timeless, but many are very much rooted in the decade they were created. This is why you’ll see lots of 80s-themed costumes on the shelves this time of year, including neon-colored petticoats, cut-off denim shorts, acid-washed jeans, and black skirts. Check out the classic retro fashions from the 1980s and see what inspires you - from Cyndi Lauper-inspired hair to leg warmers, tutus, and chunky jewelry.

Witches are Dark and Scary

You know already that witches are all about being dark and scary, without letting go of the oomph. To dress up as a witch for Halloween, you’ll need an all-black outfit topped with an old-fashioned... no, ancient-fashioned... no, positively ancient-old-school-petticoats. Think flowing fabrics, loose silhouettes, and hints of gothic. Your witch costume might also come with a witch’s broom, which is often adorned with twigs, berries, or flowers. Put on a pointy black hat and you’re all set to cast your spell on everyone.

Watch out for vengeful vixens

Also no longer a cute and cuddly costume, the vengeful vixen is a more modern take on the witch. She is naughty, dark, and intense and will haunt you until the end of your days. Her outfit is all black, but with a modern edge. Vengeful vixens love killer heels and accessories like chokers, bold earrings, and designer bags. She loves to put on dark and dramatic makeup, with black eyeliner and red lips. She will, of course, have a black and red hairdo. Could you relate to those? In that case, to complete your vengeful vixen outfit, you can use a black wand (instead of a broom).

Skeleton soldiers are going to kick ass

Skeleton soldiers are the stuff of nightmares. You might think that dressing up as a dead guy is a little macabre for Halloween. But you’d be wrong. It’s the perfect outfit to wear on All Hallow’s Eve, especially if you’re after a scary costume. To dress up as a skeleton soldier, you’ll need a black bodysuit with a hood, knee-high boots, a sword (or a scythe), a bag, and skeletal makeup. You can also get creative and add some skeleton decorations to your house for a spooky touch.

BONUS: The Definitive Guide To 80s Hair

Many of the 80s costumes we listed above are still popular today.  To make them complete do not forget to do your hair - that is the most obvious retro feature. During the decade, it was all about big hair. Big hair with lots of volumes that was often teased, curled and topped with a headband, bandana, or scrunchie. You can't go wrong with a big hairstyle from the 80s. Luckily for you, we’ve done the research. So below you’ll find some of the most popular hairstyles from the 1980s. The Mullet - This hairstyle is a real classic. It’s stylish, but messy enough to look like you don’t care. For the mullet, you’ll need to get a crew cut on the back and sides while leaving the top long. The Flock of Seagulls - This hairstyle is the perfect amount of 80s. You can make it your own by adding some color. The Rachel - This 80s hairstyle is all about volume. The more the merrier. You can also add some brightness to the look by dying it a bright color.


Halloween is the perfect time to dress up in costume and slip into another persona for an evening. With its dark overtones, eerie aesthetic, and eerie stories from times past, there are many retro-fuelled ideas from which you can get inspiration for your next ghoulish getup. Whether you opt for a spooky skeleton, a vengeful vixen, or an 80s-inspired mullet, there’s no denying that Halloween is the time to go out and play with your style.

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