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Wardrobe Enhance with Malco Modes Pettipants!

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Vintage wears in any means are iconic & always fashionable. They have a distinctiveness to them. But this uniqueness & distinctiveness is not confined just to the outer-wear. The origination of all undergarments (particularly slips & shorts) is Pettipants. Pettipants are indeed very unique. Let us start by understanding what a pettipant is.

Pettipants are a sort of undergarment worn by ladies extensively in the 60s. The name could be an amalgamation of underskirt (eventually from the French word petit, “little”) and pants. Pettipants came in different styles, some had ruffles, some were plain & were made of silk, some were knee-length, some even shorter in comparison. Even though the styles were different, every lady in the 60s found one thing common in them, their comforts.

Pettipants are a substitution for a slip. They are made of fabric such as cotton and lace, and ordinarily have ruffles down each leg. Instead of cotton,Nylon and polyester textures were utilized more . The lace trim was in extreme use.
Pettipants are comparable to long shorts as well. They come in different lengths from shorter versions up to knee lengths. Within the 60s, they were accessible in numerous styles and colors.

Pettipants were worn beneath skirts, dresses, culottes, or strolling shorts for unobtrusiveness or comfort in the 1960s, when they were in trend within the US.

They are now worn broadly by square artists or by the people who are involved in historical reenactment. You can wear them to liven up your favorite cosplay fashion, use as dance shorts with a racy corset for a burlesque charity show, use it & add a racy touch to your holiday clothing, as a sexy witch at Halloween or elf at Christmas. They are also great for Rockabilly, Steampunk, Lolita, Victorian, Sissy dresses.

The best part about pettipants is that they are still in fashion and are prevalent all over the world. If they had gone out of fashion entirely, you would not get a chance to enjoy its rich feel. So, if you are someone who wants to experience the luxury of pettipants, this is the perfect time for you to purchase them.

At Malco Modes we have 6 different styles of pettipants. The Malco Modes Pettipants are undoubtedly comfortable and very cute polyester-cotton panties, shirred in rows of matching lace. These pettipants are waist high and have lots of stretch in them. To give a cute asymmetrical tilt in the hem, the front and the back are cut the same. The polyester gives these panties a very pretty sheen making them the perfect dance pant for shows and costumes. The cotton adds breathability and makes it comfortable all-day wear. They’re the perfect lacy lingerie for under skirts or short pantaloons under dresses.
Smaller sizes are great for older children and young teens. Opaque enough to conceal underwear, making these perfect for talent shows, square dances, folk dancing, and a multitude of other fun events!

They are available in a variety of colors like Berry, Black, Cypress, Dusty Rose, Hunter Green, Jade, Light Blue, Lilac, Natural Beige, Navy Blue, Orange, Peacock Blue, Pink, Purple, Raspberry, Red, Royal Blue, Ruby Red, Turquoise, Wedgewood Blue, White, Wine, Yellow.

Now that you know all about pettipants, let us take you on a visual tour of pettipants:


So are you ready to enjoy the comfort these pettipants provide?

Comes in a variety of colors & sizes, these pettipants are perfect as inner wears!

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