Best Pinup Influencers – Vintage Style Not Vintage Values! –

Best Pinup Influencers – Vintage Style Not Vintage Values!

Welcome to the first blog of the year 2022!

We, at Malco Modes, wish every one of you a very happy, prosperous, and amazing year ahead.

We wanted to start this new year by talking about one of our most loyal customers & influencers. i.e. The Lunas. If you have been wearing & following Malco Modes for a long time you will definitely be knowing a few beautiful women mentioned below. Lunas have a history with Malco Modes. Everyone in this community has been wearing Malco Modes Apparel for many years. In this blog, you will know a lot about them & how they feel about Malco Modes Apparel. We hope you love the Lunas as much as we do.

P.S: This is a Part 2 of the Blog 'Best Malco Modes Customers & Influencers you need to follow right now!'
Without further ado, let us get to know The Lunas better!

Who are The Lunas?

The Lunas were founded in 2020 by Ivy D’Vine & Emmy Mae Mayhem. Both founders have been involved in the Kustom Kulture scene for over 10 years and had the desire to create a community where those who love vintage style but not vintage values could come together and support one another.  Alongside the Luna Council, made up of Lilac SaintClair, Milly Marie,  Q Tea & Tequila Mockingbird, Ivy & Emmy Mae launched. The Lunas have grown to over 40 members all over the world.

How did the community start?

The Lunas emerged from a need to have a truly inclusive space within the vintage & pinup community. There are so many people who love the vintage lifestyle but do not live by vintage values. So we wanted to create a safe space for those who were looking for a community of support whether they are veterans in the vintage world or they are new to it all. Our hope with Lunas is that we not only are able to provide a space for all in what can be a very exclusive community but also to push the boundaries of what so many consider to be pinup and educate along the way. The Lunas are here to celebrate, uplift, and support people of all shapes, sizes, identities, cultural backgrounds, ages, and preferences. We hope to be a space for members to flourish, to spread their wings, and be as unapologetically them as they deserve to be.

How has your experience been with Malco Modes?

“I never leave the house in a dress or skirt without my Malco! I was nervous at first being a curvy pinup that it would fit but I took a chance and they have been a staple in my pinup closet ever since. Perfect for every occasion and they come in any color you could ever need! They truly bring that classy elegance to your looks and are so soft not scratchy like so many other petticoats out there.”

 Ivy D’Vine

“I love how soft and flowy they are. So breathable and the most comfortable!”

 Milly Marie

“After stopping by the Malco Modes booth at a Dapper Day Expo one year I became hooked! The petticoats offered were size-inclusive, had several colors to choose from (some even included matching kick-pants or ruffle butts as my theatre teacher used to say), and there were multiple length & fabric options. I now have a growing collection including the stellar Pride Petticoat in Queen Size which I cannot wait to feature in a new photoshoot!”

 Tequila Mockingbird

“Malco Modes petticoats are, by far, the most comfortable petticoats I own. They provide beautiful fluff and enhance every skirt and dress I wear with them. They are fun, playful, and have just the right amount of sass! I simply adore the three that I have and can’t wait to purchase more for my collection.”

 Heather Hotcakes


“Malco Modes petticoats are soft and enjoyable to wear, you can sit without fear of scratchiness. They hang wonderfully under skirts and dresses with amazing pops of color.”

 Bet D

“The only petticoat I’ll wear now. It’s full and enhances every pin-up dress I wear. Whenever I wear it if people haven’t seen one before they ask where I got it! Just love everything about it! Can’t wait to add more to my staple pin-up collection.”

 Bombshell Bonnie

“Malco Modes’ petticoats are soft, durable, and full. Their wide variety of sizes, lengths, and colors just makes it even better. Ever since I put my first one on, I’ve never looked back. My look isn’t complete with Malco Modes.”

 Stormy Siren

“I purchased my very first Malco Modes petticoat back in 2014. I still have it and it has no rips or tears. Their petticoats are made to last and I wouldn’t pick any other brand. They have so many colors that it’s hard not to choose all of them. Hahaha!”

 Vintage Dolli

“I am lucky enough to say my first ever petticoat was Malco Modes back in 2010 and it ruined my ability to buy from anywhere else because their quality is so high. Not only is their variety of colors unparalleled, but the feeling of the petticoats is also luxurious.”

 Berry Tart

“I’m a meticulous shopper when it comes to the essentials. When shopping for a petticoat, I wanted to find one of great quality – one that would be a staple. Malco Modes was perfect! Sturdy & beautiful – I didn’t imagine it would also be so soft. I’m so incredibly happy with mine!”

 Teeny Tal

“I love the softness and pretty ruffled trim on their petticoats. It gives just the right amount of fluff without any crinkling or scratchy tulle as some petticoats can be.”

 Lilac SaintClair

“An outfit is never complete without a Malco Modes crinoline! I love to twist and turn to show off the vibrant and full colors of my petticoats. I’ll never look elsewhere because Malco has the softest, fullest, and most variety!”

 Pixie Von Fleur

A reason why everyone should know about & follow The Lunas?

The Lunas are an international inclusive pinup family that works to stand for Equality, Inclusivity, Uniqueness, Compassion, Creativity, and Empowerment within the vintage community.

That’s it for this blog! We hope you enjoyed reading about The Lunas & Malco Modes!

Let us know what you want to read next at Malco Modes!

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