Pride Month 2022 –

Pride Month 2022

June is that time of year, when it seems like every company in the nation is trying to sell you something with a rainbow theme and tweeting their support for the LGBTQIA+ community. Malco Modes also believe that there is something quite fantastic about witnessing that flash of rainbow everywhere, even though it’s simple to become pessimistic about the manner that this support frequently seems to vanish at the end of the month. At Malco Modes we go ahead with all the beliefs all around the month.

The rainbow flag is very bright and it can’t be disregarded. We have to pay attention to it anywhere it appears (in a hashtag, a logo, a product, or a photograph). It never stays in the shadows. This and the idea of celebrating queer joy are intertwined in my mind. It seems especially crucial to that the Pride flag is so vivid, brilliant, and unapologetic to the assaults on trans rights and bodies.

The narrative that is frequently presented to us about being gay is also directly contradicted by the Pride flag. One of the misconceptions about being queer that the mainstream media perpetuates is how much they still emphasize LGBTQ pain and coming out, frequently even entwining both concepts. the Pride flag vehemently rejects the stereotypes that are frequently presented to us about being LGBT. We as a corporation believe in equity, diversity, and inclusion and thus are on the same page as the pride month ideology.

We are aware that coming-out tales are still needed (we all had to figure it out somehow). Stories about grief and trauma are still necessary since we all experience loss of love and regrettable decisions. Stories that respect our past and the individuals who sacrificed to create the world we live in today are still necessary (Stonewall reminds us that the first pride was a riot).

Practises we preach at the workplace:

  • Get educated-Provide staff members’ educational chances. Ensure that you are familiar with the significance and history of Pride and the LGBTQ+ rights struggle.
  • Reward platform for LGBTQ+ causes.
  • Get Swag- We at Malco modes have got a swag that suits all.
  • We have started a coupon discount for all our customers on our website in this month of pride.
  • MalcoModes celebrates Pride month and has always been in support of the cause and has encouraged the same with cross-cultural vintage dressing and promotes drag clothing.

Our Products are available in a variety of colors and sizes. These products are perfect for vintage wear!

Let us know in the comments what topic we should cover next!
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